Three Tall Women

Three Tall Women

By Edward Albee

The winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Drama, THREE TALL WOMEN follows the lives and memories of three women who have more in common than we think. A witty and frank look at who we were, who we are, and who we become, THREE TALL WOMEN stars Buffalo legends Barbara Link LaRou and Lisa Ludwig and welcomes SGT newcomer, Anna Krempholtz.

Directed by Kyle LoConti

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Barbara Link LaRou A
Lisa Ludwig B
Anna Krempholtz C

Show Dates

March 20- April 5, 2020

March 26th & April 2nd
Curtain @ 7:30 pm

 March 20, 27th, & April 3rd
Curtain @ 8:00 pm

March 21st, 28th, & April 4th
Curtains @ 8:00 pm

March 22nd, 29th, & April 5th
Curtain @ 2:00 pm

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