SGT Mounts Absurd Musical Caper

The following preview article by Colin Dabkowsi was published in Gusto on June 9th, 2016→

Among the most underrated musicals of the last 15 years is David Yazbek’s adaptation of the throwaway 1998 film “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. The show debuted in 2004 with a flash of Tony Award nominations and almost as quickly vanished into the theatrical ether. And that’s a shame, because Yazbek’s cheekier-than-cheeky lyrics and pastiche-driven score deserve wider attention.

For the first time since the national tour of the musical blew through Buffalo in 2007, they’ll get it – courtesy of a production by Second Generation Theatre opening June 9 in the Lancaster Opera House (21 Central Ave., Lancaster). The young company, founded in 2013 by three University at Buffalo grads, has produced a string of well-regarded productions. The company seems to have an affinity for youth-friendly Broadway and off-Broadway gems that sometimes go underappreciated by stodgier theatergoers. Click here to read on!