Meet the Cast 3: Kristin Bentley

Angels in America: Part One, Millennium Approaches opens March 8th at the Shea’s Smith Theatre. This complex and brilliant play features some of Buffalo’s finest actors. Take a moment to get to know them and what drew them to this show!

Actor: Kristin Bentley

Character: Harper Pitt, and SGT Executive Director

Kristin: As Executive Director I have been fortunate enough to be involved in every production in SGT’s history, but this is only my second time onstage as an actor. My first time onstage with SGT was in our first production of a play, SOME GIRL(s), directed by Steve Copps.

SGT: What is it about ANGELS that drew you to the project? 

Kristin:Angels in America is my favorite play. I was fortunate enough to see Tony Kushner speak when I was in high school, and at the time was completely unfamiliar with his work. From there I read and fell in love with Angels in America. In college, I studied scenes from Part One: Millennium Approaches in an acting class with Greg Natale. The chance to get to work on this incredible piece of art with a director like Greg, who truly understands truth in acting, and play such a complicated, sensitive and surprisingly strong woman as Harper was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass me by.

SGT: Tell us more about Harper.

Kristin: Harper is lonely and imaginative and funny and stronger than she realizes. She is trying hard to find where she fits and to find the strength to use her voice. Her marriage is falling apart and she is navigating that. There is so much for audiences to relate to in her, as with all of these complex characters.

SGT: Who is your favorite character in ANGELS?

Kristin: I love Prior. His humor, his heart, his unbreakable will. I also love Belize. His compassion, wit, and loyalty to his friends and passion of his convictions. I must have a thing for ex-drag queens.

SGT: You’re in a unique position here- you have gotten to watch the cast of every SGT show work together and perform and change- who stands out to you in this process?

Kristin: This entire cast is a DREAM, but I am most excited to finally work with Dudney! After 10 years of friendship this is the first time we are onstage together! 

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