Meet the cast of SGT presents The Toxic Avenger! SGT is proud to introduce Dylan Zalikowski as WHITE DUDE. Get to know Dylan and the ZANY characters he plays!

SGT: What is your favorite character that you play in TOXIC?
DZ: Sal the Cop has to be my favorite character (*Note. Yes. His full name is “Sal the Cop”)

SGT:Describe THE TOXIC AVENGER in 10 words or less.
DZ: A classic Superhero take with a hilarious twist.

SGT: On a scale of Mayor Belgoody- Melvin (Mayor being straight up horrible and Melvin being excellent), how environmentally friendly are you?
DZ: I would say Melvin with intention but Mayor with Practice.

SGT: Favorite line in this show and who says/sings it.
DZ: “Whoa, A lot then, yeah.” by Sarah (Bethany Burrows)

SGT: If you had a mutant super power, what would it be?
DZ: I would love to talk to fish like Aquaman because I LOVE the ocean!

Don’t miss Dylan and the whole crew starting OCTOBER 25! (716) 508-7480