Michele Marie Roberts on SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD

SONGS FOR A NEW WORLD is streaming now! Hear from one of Buffalo’s leading ladies, Michele Marie Roberts and then grab your ticket today!

What’s your favorite song from this show to sing?

MMR: I’ve been singing Just One Step since college and when this opportunity came up I knew that was the track I wanted. To be able to add Patrick’s Rooftop Bar to that song and ambiance helped it all come full circle.

Do you have a favorite song from the show to listen to?

MMR: I cannot pick one. Impossible. Brian – Flying Home. Cecilia – I’m Not Afraid. Steve – The World Was Dancing.

What was your favorite location for filming?

MMR: I loved every location, but I’m going to say Smith Theatre. The cast, band, crew were all together and it felt magical. It was overwhelming to sing with the band that first time. You couldn’t help feel emotional.

Any funny stories from filming?

MMR: During Surabaya Santa at the Roycroft Campus, I just finished my last note, Chris cut, and seconds later the fire alarm went off. We had no idea why it happened but the manager and fire department showed up. Oops. Hi-Ho the glorious life.

(*Editor’s Note, there is an outtake at the end of the film from The Roycroft…)

Cast one of your cast mates in a role you’d love to see them play!

MMR: I will cast them all! Cecilia– Bakers Wife, Into The Woods, Brian – Sebastian, The Little Mermaid, and Steve– Monsieur Thénardier, Les Miserables!


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